On Sat, 06 Mar 2004 23:59:03 +1030
Wayne Sierke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have the following two cameras on-hand:
> kernel: ugen0: WINBOND W9967CF, rev 1.10/1.10, addr 3
> kernel: ugen2: Xirlink IBM PC Camera, rev 0.01/0.02, addr 8
> I can't find anything to support either of these cameras. Just
> wondering whether I've missed something obvious?

Try Gphoto it may be supported...

> It appears that the W9967CF is the chipset used in the Creative
> Webcam GO (the device I have does both webcam + single images - ie.
> can operate as a digital still camera). It looks like the Xirlink
> has had a driver written for Linux (ibmcam). Also the W996[87]CF.
> What USB (web-)cameras are recommended?

Find one that works as either a umass device, as in doubles as a usb
hdd, or find one that uses mmc/sd/whatever and then get a usb card
reader... that is for digital cameras thought... for actual live
feed, it is best to get a old bktr card and a cheap ntsc camera or
something of the like...
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