On Mar 4, 2004, at 1:33 PM, Gerard Seibert wrote:

I am running FreeBSD 5.2.1 - RELEASE #0: Mon Feb 23 20:45:55 GMT 2004

It seems that I can no longer log into my system. Upon boot-up, the
usually login appears. I enter my normal login and then my password. I am
then greeted with this error message:

BudMan login: pam_acct_mgmt(1): user account has expired
Login Incorrect.

Shortly afterwards I receive these error messages:

BudMan cron[538] _secure_path: /usr/home/ges/.login_conf is not owned by

The last error message will repeat with the number getting progressively

This is a fresh install of FreeBSD. The only thing I added was KDE 3.2
today. Can anyone tell me what has happened and how do I get back into my

Thanks in advance!

Gerard Seibert

I am having a similar issue logging in on 5.2.1-RC2, and it seems to have happened around the time I added a user and some groups using the KUser utility in KDE. All accounts, including root, are "expired". My error message is:

        login: pam_acct_mgmt(): user accound has expired
        Login Incorrect.

Then, a bit later, I receive messages like the following:

        kernel: psmintr: out of sync (0008 != 0000)
        kernel: psmintr: discard a byte(1)

On a side note, the message really does display "accound" instead of "account"; it's not a typo of mine. Searches on the following phrases within the questions and newbies mailing lists produced no leads for me to research:
'pam_acct_mgmt(): user accound has expired'

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