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wrote Shaun T. Erickson thusly...
> 'pkg_delete port' vs 'cd /usr/ports/port;make deinstall'

There is no such thing as /usr/ports/<port>, unless you meant
/usr/ports/<category>/<port> which i assume for this reply.

> What's the difference between these?

One is "make deinstall" will remove the port w/o care to any
dependencies.   Pkg_delete will remove a dependency-port only if you
specify via the -f (force) flag.  Both will notify you about any
dependencies in any case.

Personally, i use "make deinstall" only when the installed port
version is same as in /usr/ports/<category>/<port> AND happened to be
in that directory.  Otherwise, i just use pkg_de(install|delete).

  - Parv


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