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At 03:06 PM 3/6/2004, Raymond Wiegand wrote:
I have a question for you ? I purchased FreeBSD from COMP USA and was wondering that seeing that SCO is going after Linux Users will they be going after BSD user next or is BSD not at all based on their kernal or what every they claim is theirs property.

I would like to know before i switch all my system over (2) to Unix

Unlike the GPL, the BSD license has already been litigated (see AT&T vs The Regents), there is quite a bit of clarity around the legality of the BSD source.

SCO does not at present have a "live" claim in either of its lawsuits (vs. IBM or Autozone) that Linux code was directly copied from source to which SCO owns the rights. There was such a claim in the IBM lawsuit, but it has been dropped. You will also note that these "Linux users" are major corporations. Unless you are the heir to a sizable fortune, I wouldn't worry about SCO wasting the time to sue you.

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