Rob wrote:


I have a diskless PC with a floppy and CDrom drive.
I can create a dos floppy without a problem, but the mount fails:

# /usr/sbin/fdformat /dev/fd0.1440
Format 1440K floppy `/dev/fd0.1440'? (y/n): y
# /sbin/disklabel -B -r -w /dev/fd0 fd1440
# /sbin/newfs_msdos /dev/fd0
/dev/fd0: 2840 sectors in 355 FAT12 clusters (4096 bytes/cluster)
bps=512 spc=8 res=1 nft=2 rde=512 sec=2880 mid=0xf0 spf=2 spt=18 hds=2 hid=0
# mount_msdos /dev/fd0c /mnt
mount_msdos: vfsload(msdos): Exec format error

Same problem occurs for a CDrom:

  # mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0c /cdrom
  cd9660: vfsload(cd9660): Exec format error

The diskless machine has:

Probably related to this are these lines in /var/log/messages:
  Mar  6 13:09:33 diskless //kernel: link_elf: symbol s_lock_init undefined

Any ideas what's going wrong here?

I'll answer my own question here:

When I add two options to the KERNEL config file:
  options         MSDOSFS
  options         CD9660
and use that kernel for my diskless PC, I can mount
floppy and CDrom.

Strange, because usually this is not needed for casual
mounts of these devices.

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