On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 09:32:03PM +0200, George Swentek wrote:

> Antivir ( http://www.antivir.de/ ) - a popular antivirus scanner
> doesn't work on local file system in Freebsd 5.X
> Files are 0 and it seems that antivir doesn't recognize the files in the file 
> system.I'v noticed this behaviour since the early 5.0 distribution. 
> The strange thing about all this stuff is that antivir is working fine
> on mounted file system, even it is FreeBSD 5.X on it, but still refuse to scan files 
> mounted on / 
> That's the reason I post this message here.
> What is the difference between / and mounted file system, even if they are from the 
> same
> installation media..

Well, actually it appears that it doesn't work when you specify just a
directory (even with the -z option) without any wildcard matching the
directories _in_ that directory - so, for example, if I run

        antivir -z /

it doesn't do anything, but

        antivir -z /*

gives the expected result. I haven't asked H+B support if this is a "works
as expected" thing or an error.

(I'm running it on local file systems only - I'd try to avoid running it
across a network for a full scan to avoid the network load, but as always -
your mileage my vary.)


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