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>   I want to run nntp-server, or rather i want two servers. Is there a
>   way to link them, as, for example, to IRC-servers can be linked?
>   In this way, what distributive should I use?

That's not an easy question to answer without a great deal more
information about your requirements, what levels of traffic you're
expecting, how many news groups you intend to carry, how much money
you're prepared to spend and so forth.

I guess you want to set up (at minimum) a fail-over pair of servers.
Conceptually the simplest way of doing that is just to have two
independent NNTP servers which provide newsfeeds to each other, as
well as taking feeds from your upstream sources.  For news reading
purposes, you can set up a DNS round-robin to distribute the clients
over the two servers, or use some more sophisticated load balancing
equipment (like, say Cisco Arrowpoint) which will automatically cope
with failure of one of the servers.

If you're going to be dealing with a full news feed, then you probably
won't want to deal with (or be able to afford the disk space for)
multiple news spools.  In which case you'll be looking at some sort of
storage array or NAS system for the spool, with various servers
accessing it either for client reading, or to provide the site-to-site

Recommend you ask your question again on the freebsd-isp@ list (which
is where you'll find people that run these sorts of system) and
provide as much information about your requirements as possible.



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