As indicated in another thread (ssh disconnecting) I currently have a
D-Link router managing my dynamic-IP Internet connection. I currently
let my workstations use the dns services provided by the router since
the router "knows" the current  IP addresses for the upstream dns
servers. I would like to shift the dns services for the LAN to my
FreeBSD-5.2 server but my reluctance to date has hinged on (avoiding)
having to manually maintain the upstream dns server addresses on the
local server.

Is there an automated way of achieving this? The first thing that comes
to mind is to do something similar to ddclient, which reads the html
status page from the router to extract the current Internet IP address.
I don't know of anything equivalent for maintaining dns server addresses
but I can envisage it as a starting point for knocking something
together myself however I don't doubt that a better way exists!

All the material I've seen about techniques for maintaining IP/dns
addresses seems to revolve around the machine itself being used as a
router, dhcp server, etc. Would very much appreciate any suggestions.



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