Hello my name is Luis, I read your email about new
users install experience, here is mine:

I'm using FreeBSD 4.9 and so far has been the less
painful experience installing a system so far even
compare to windows(install, reboot, oh I detect that
you have some new hardware, do you have this or that?
bla bla bla then reboot againg and so far, I recently
install a win 98se for a friend and I wasted a couple
of hours in the process), OK the graphic interface
sucks and you have to make some serious reading to get
the system working the way you want but it's a good
way to lear!
at the end of the installation you usually get a
system that is almost ready to go.

I look around an once I tried Gentoo Linux, what a
waste of time! it was imposible, for me at least, to
get the X86 working, configuring the Kernel was
overwellming and later when I finally tought that
every thing was ready to go the stuped thing ( maybe
I, the user was the stuped?) did not work.

Hope this information help, I will stay with FreeBSD
from now on, I don't know about other Linux flavors,
besides Gentoo a friend once tried Mandrake or Red Hat
and he spend several days trying to set it up so I
don't even want to tried. Another one just give it up
with Linux at all.

Luis F Trimino

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