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Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2004 9:03 PM
Subject: Re: Should I turn MATH_EMULATE back on?

> On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 07:07:54PM +0000, Mark wrote:
> > This is weird. I installed Perl 5.8.2_5 on a clean FreeBSD 4.9R-p3 box,
> > and got an error on Time::Hires.

> However, I'm running a non-threaded perl: I suspect that may be the
> root cause of your problem. Just a few wild guesses here: did you
> recently reinstall perl changing from non-threaded to threaded?

No. This is a completely new, and clean installation of FreeBSD 4.9R-p3.
Yesterday I downloaded 4.9R too, and upgraded to STABLE. When I installed
Perl 5.8.2_5 then, everything went fine.

Today, I changed my mind about STABLE, and decided I feel safer running a
RELEASE version; so I scrubbed the disk again, installed a new 4.9R, and
CVSup-ed to 4.9R-p3. Then I tried to install Perl 5.8.2_5 again; but, this
time, it failed.

There are only two things different since yesterday;

1): I commented out MATH_EMULATE; that potential reason you just eliminated.

2): I no longer run STABLE, but 4.9R-p3.

> Do
> you have perl modules still around which were compiled under the
> non-threaded perl? Or perhaps you've compiled perl using higher than
> normal optimization settings, or gcc33 instead of the default
> compiler:

No. I am not enough of a C wizard to mess with such settings. :) I just ran:

    make PREFIX=/usr/local/perl-threaded WITH_THREADS

>From the ports. And I downloaded the very latest ports.tar.gz for that.

> % perl -V:cc
> % perl -V:gccversion
> % perl -V:optimize

Here is the result:

asarian-host# /usr/local/perl-threaded/bin/perl -V:cc
asarian-host# /usr/local/perl-threaded/bin/perl -V:gccversion
gccversion='2.95.4 20020320 [FreeBSD]';
asarian-host# /usr/local/perl-threaded/bin/perl -V:optimize
optimize='-O -pipe ';


- Mark

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