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    I'm using postfix and i've got two questions regarding it. Firstly,
i'd like to implement maildir style mailboxes for users. I want a pop
server that will understand maildir, will qpopper do this or will i have
to look at another? I'd like to avoid running services from inetd if

qpoper will not work with Maildir format.. another popserver to use that will work with either mbox or Maildir format is solidpop http://solidpop3d.pld.org.pl/

I'm also wondering if there's a program that will take an incoming
message, and send back an autoresponse asking for confirmation
before delivery? If a confirmation is sent, the message is not spam,
and is sent through, if no confirmation is forthcoming within a time
frame or if the domain bounces the message both the original message
and any domain bounces are perged without me seeing them.

Yes, a very popular one (challenge/auth mechanism) is TMDA, can be used with any MTA. It is very flexible, and does a good job.


Finally, I've got a domain on a dynamic IP, i'd like to relay through
my isp's smtp server as a smarthost, if i do this will my outgoing domain
name be altered?

Unknown if your ISP's SMTP server does headers rewrites. You would have to ask or test it to find out.

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