At 22:28 3/7/2004, JJB, wrote:
>Well I do have  specific comments about some aspects that needs to
>be improved?
>Right at the beginning of sysinstall should be warning  about what
>to set PC bios options to, like plugNplay off, power management off,
>boot time virus check disabled, PCI irq assignments set to auto, OS
>type set to non-windows, ect. Give then option to cancel sysinstall
>to set bios.
>That should be followed with option  for standard basic install
>using whole hard drive from cdrom, and no questions from that point
>on. Behinds the scenes, fdisk deletes all hard drive partitions,
>disklable uses auto config, skip config is taken, distro of kernel
>source, no x-server, and no to all other questions, except set root
>password and timezone.
>Then for the original way, for each option question, give info about
>what this option enables and why one would enable it.
>enable NFS server (yes / NO)   NFS stands for (Network File server)
>An advanced function where by this system you are installing will
>have an (Local Area Network) behind it and you want this system to
>share It's disk space with the other FBSD PC's on the lan. Answering
>yes will start the NFS server on this system and all the FBSD pc on
>the Lan must have the NFS client running to access and share the NFS
>servers disk space. Will not work with MS/windows PC on the Lan. Can
>be enabled later by rc.conf statements. Only answer yes if you know
>for certain you are going to use this function in the immediate
>This kind of pointed detailed information embedded into each
>question installer is asked to respond to, provides the installer
>with  the info necessary to make an informed chose right there in
>front of them where it belongs and not off in some un-accessible
>That is what I see is missing from the sysinstall process and why it
>is so user unfriendly to all but experienced FBSD users.

Man!  This would be great!  I am trying to convert from the evil
Windows world, and online comments like this would be great.

If we really want to make FreeBSD more popular, we should make it
easy for people to change from Windows and/or Linux, right?

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