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> Well I do have  specific comments about some aspects that needs to
> be improved?
> Right at the beginning of sysinstall should be warning  about what
> to set PC bios options to, like plugNplay off, power management off,
> boot time virus check disabled, PCI irq assignments set to auto, OS
> type set to non-windows, ect. Give then option to cancel sysinstall
> to set bios.

5.2.1 all ready askes about ACPI... not sure about previous ones...
Don't see what about the current system prevents them from rebooting
and checking the bios...
> That should be followed with option  for standard basic install
> using whole hard drive from cdrom, and no questions from that point
> on. Behinds the scenes, fdisk deletes all hard drive partitions,
> disklable uses auto config, skip config is taken, distro of kernel
> source, no x-server, and no to all other questions, except set root
> password and timezone.
> Then for the original way, for each option question, give info about
> what this option enables and why one would enable it.
> Example
> enable NFS server (yes / NO)   NFS stands for (Network File server)
> An advanced function where by this system you are installing will
> have an (Local Area Network) behind it and you want this system to
> share It's disk space with the other FBSD PC's on the lan. Answering
> yes will start the NFS server on this system and all the FBSD pc on
> the Lan must have the NFS client running to access and share the NFS
> servers disk space. Will not work with MS/windows PC on the Lan. Can
> be enabled later by rc.conf statements. Only answer yes if you know
> for certain you are going to use this function in the immediate
> future.

This could get annoying... probally be easier just to have a button
that could be hit to bring up help...
> This kind of pointed detailed information embedded into each
> question installer is asked to respond to, provides the installer
> with  the info necessary to make an informed chose right there in
> front of them where it belongs and not off in some un-accessible
> handbook.

See above... regardless, reading it should be done... and new users
should all ways be pointed towards it and/or some unix tutorials...
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