> You're specifying a date string right down to the precise
>second that
> the patches were applied to the tree, which I think is
> cvsup, and getting you the state of things just before the
> All you need to do is specify a date *after* the patches went
> into the
> tree, but before the next set of patches.  Try:

>     date=3D2004.

> The next commits to RELENG_4_8 were as a result of
> FreeBSD-SA-04:04.tcp.asc, which went into the tree at
2004-03-> 02
> 17:27:47 UTC so you're no danger of overshooting and getting
> 4.8-RELEASE-p16.
>       Cheers,
>       Matthew

To... Matthew

   Recently, I used below supfile (date after corrected date
stated in Security Advisory but I can't get the branch I
would like to get (4.8-RELEASE-p15). Anyway I can get most
branch version (4.8-RELEASE-p16). Is it the my system date/time
issue ?

*default host=
*default base=/usr/local/etc
*default prefix=/usr1
*default release=cvs date=2004. tag=RELENG_4_8
*default delete use-rel-suffix
*default compress


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