Hello everybody.
IÂve been reading all comments onthis subject and just wanted to add my opinion. A couple of months ago i was only using windows. Only for downloading stuff and listen to music. My windows skills extended only to install windows and applications, I never messed with regedit or whatever itÂs called. So I have a very limited os experience/skills. However I got sick of microsoft and wanted to try something else and I stumbled on FreeBSD. Without much reading of the handbook I found it quite simple to install. Even configuring X was no problem. My biggest problem was that I didnÂt know my hardware, monitor specs and so on. I did the installation a couple of times to practice and I haveÂnt had any big problems at all with sysinstall. After that I tried to install Debian Linux and found it more difficult.
It was after installing FreeBSD my problems started, to configure things. Now I need to spend a lot of time, that I donÂt have (according to my girlfriend), reading the handbook (which I sometimes find confusing) and searching other sites for information. Also choosing apps is complicated, which to choose?!.
So my conclusion is that installation is no problem, the handbook told me everything I needed to know. If somebody wants an OS and at the sametime learn it thoroghly FreeBSD is perfect but it will take some reading. I want to learn. If I wanted to be up and going quickly and only klicking my way through, I would stick to XP. I have also tried Mandrake, it is easy to install but one must still read and learn if you only know windows. So I go for FreeBSD to learn thoroughly (not popular with my girlfriend).
I hope I havenÂt insulted anyone or anything (except micro.....).
Kind regards
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