There's no need to be so down right rude.
I could say the same thing about you.

So keep your un-professional comments to your self.
There is no place on an open list for such behavior.

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JJB wrote:

> WD
> My web spider robot found this web site which is not on any of the
> search engines yet.
> Looks like it offers what you want in the way of user-friendly
> step-by-step instructions to installing FBSD.

1) Surreptitiously plugging your own site, is crass, at best.
2) Not telling him you charge for everything there, is devious.

Perhaps you should also tell him that when you respond to posts for
help, on this list, that you frequently ignore the person's
and instead rant on about the evils of whatever it is they are
trying to
do/use. Perhaps you should tell him that, at least in the area of
networking, you haven't got a clue about what you are talking about
specifically refer you to the completely inaccurate information you
me regarding, for instance, the generation of fragments.)

Based on the many posts of yours that I've seen, on this list and
another, I've concluded that you  do know some things and have some
usefull information to impart, but that your ranting and
obscure them to such a degree that you're comments are not worth
much attention too.


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