On Sat, 2004-03-06 at 17:00, Shaun T. Erickson wrote:
> I waited a bit, then ran cvsup on the ports, once more, and this time 
> there was more to download, including a new INDEX-5 file. I ran portsdb 
> -Uu once more, and it worked perfectly. I guess my ports tree was out of 
> sync somehow.

Whoa... if that was out of sync, then cvsup2 is _still_ out of sync. I'm
running make describe to find the broken ports. So far I found:


make describe complains on each of them. I have already dumped the ports
tree and cvsup'ed it completely fresh. (First cvsup yesterday afternoon,
last cvsup today around noon.)

Is there something wrong with cvsup2 perhaps?

BTW: All on 4.8-RELEASE-p15 if that matters.

I never had that many issues with the ports in the past. It all started
recently when sparc-rtems-gdb and namazu2 went belly up.


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