To install you'll need the driver disk, and you must load the if_an driver (I think 
that's what it's called) when prompted, assuming you have chosen to load the driver 
disk of course.

Then I think you are prompted to start the holographic shell if you want.  Choose yes, 
then from the command line configure the card with ifconfig an0 wepmode on wepkey 
0x1111111111abcdef1111111111 ssid ssid-name stationname your-pc-name.
Substitute the key, ssid-name and your-pc-name with the correct values.

You may need to choose the authmode as well, if you're not using the default open mode 
(open is the more secure mode).
Feel free to type in an IP address also.  You may even need ifconfig an0 on (to turn 
it on).

Then back to the install process and away you go.  I found the options in the 
sysinstall screen for the NIC did not work for me, hence the holographic shell to the 

Any errors in these instructions are because a) it's 1am and b) I did this a couple of 
weeks ago, and am recalling from memory!


> Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 15:08:44 -0500
> From: "Ralph M. Los" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Cisco 350 card with 128-bit WEP?
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> Hi all,
>       Trying to install FreeBSD 5.2.1 onto my laptop. I have a LinkSys
> WRT54G wireless gateway, and the Cisco 250 card which "should" support
> 802.11b mode into the Linksys (running in mixed mode).  I'm researching
> options to get the NIC working...but from the manual page(s) of ifconfig
> I've only found this tidbit, which makes me wonder...
> A WEP key will be either 5 or 13 characters (40 or 104 bits) depending
> of the local net- work and the capabilities of the adaptor.
> My LinkSys has the options for 128 bit or 64bit WEP, naturally I went
> with 128.  This works great for all my Windows boxes...but how do I get
> FreeBSD to light up the card?
> Thanks in advance.
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