I'm looking into using multiple keyboards on FreeBSD, it looks like
multiple keyboards are supported for the console, but only one at any
specific time.  I have a usb keyboard that I'm borrowing from a friend
to try out; it's a logitech easy access keyboard, but my friend may
take it back at any time so I don't want to be stuck without a ps/2
keyboard for the console (yes, I know I can ssh in, but that's a pain.)
Is there a way to enable both keyboards at the same time?

Also, I might be doing some experimenting with a bluetooth keyboard, or
actually a keypad with limited keyboard functionallity, but it acts like
a full bluetooth hid keyboard and so I really don't want to disable my
ps/2 keyboard for testing it out.

I fully understand the advantage of being able to use each keyboard
seperately, but there should be a way to use two for the same reason
like usb and ps/2 mice.

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