I have a RedHat 7.3 machine that I had to bring down do to security
problems. I have it off production to re-install and am considering to
migrate to FreeBSD.
Now here's my problem. I have a RAID 5 setup with RedHat partitions + 1
partition I called "web" that is currently holding all the data. It is ext3
fs. I can delete all existing partitions except for "web" and repartition
the disk for FreeBSD, however the ext3 will remain and I fear problems or
loss of data. Most critical data is backed up, however I don't want to erase
the partition unless I have no choice. It's a 100GB partition and since my
server is down it is not connected to a backup system. So, can I keep this
ext3 partition when using FreeBSD? Is it a bad idea to do this?
Also are there other considerations I need to take into account when
migrating? I understand of course that FreeBSD is not Linux and that I will
have to setup all services and apps accordingly.

Thanks, Eric

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