Hi again!

I do not know if this is a FreeBSD issue but I need to ask to know.
I have installed ProFTPd 1.2.9 from ports with
'make WITH_OPENSSL=yes install clean'

Everyting went just fine, no errors or anything.
The server is starting up ok and seems to be running fine.

The problem? I cannot connect to it using SSL =(
Im trying to connect with FlashFXP.

Im using FreeBSD 4.9.
In my proftpd.conf:

<IfModule mod_tls.c>
TLSEngine                               on
TLSLog                          /var/log/proftpdtls.log
TLSProtocol                             TLSv1
TLSRequired off
TLSRSACertificateFile         /etc/ftpd/cert.pem
TLSVerifyClient off

Do I need to do something more than this?
Where is mod_tls.c located for example?

Thanks in advance, Best regards Pelle

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