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> "You may limit allocations based on disk space (block quotas)"
> What exactly is the size of a block?

As the quota system uses the term, a block is 512b -- this unit is
also called a sector in some situations, but it's basically the same
thing.  It reflects the size of the underlying sector structures
within the filesystem.

Most applications that deal in file sizes can deal in units of blocks,
(eg. the -s argument to newfs(8) takes an argument in units of sectors
or blocks, although just to be confusing, newfs(8) also uses
'block-size' with a different meaning) and in some of the older ones
blocks are the default measure.  However, more commonly used
applications (like df(1)) or more recently written ones either default
to reporting in more familiar units -- b, kb, Mb -- or have mechanisms
for changing to those units.



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