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> >e.g. something like this works fine here :
> >
> ># /etc/rc.local :
> >ifconfig fxp0 alias netmask 0xffffffff
> That seemed to have done the trick, manually. Im guessing, I could put the 
> same thing in my rc.conf file, but with proper syntax:
> ifconfig_fxp0_alias0="inet netmask 0xffffff

The proper syntax for the netmask on the second and subsequent
interface addresses from each distinct network block is to use the
all-ones netmask: you can express that either as or as
0xffffffff or as /32, whichever suit you best. This is a FAQ on this
list but it still keeps tripping people up -- despite being clearly
documented in ifconfig(8):

     alias   Establish an additional network address for this interface.  This
             is sometimes useful when changing network numbers, and one wishes
             to accept packets addressed to the old interface.  If the address
             is on the same subnet as the first network address for this
             interface, a non-conflicting netmask must be given.  Usually
             0xffffffff is most appropriate.

However you look at it, 0xffffff could never be a correct netmask.



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