hi all

on my freebsd 5x machines i've been using yafic as an intrusion detection utility.  it 
doesn't support as many algorithms as 
aide or tripwire.  the reason i don't use tripwire is because the 2.3x version of the 
port is marked as broken on freebsd 5x.  
yesterday i tried to install yafic from ports - i tried running it once and got the 
'not implemented in db_readline_file 311' error - 
which, from the aide mailing lists is a bug that is fixed in the current cvs version, 
but apparently has not yet made it to freebsd 

is there anyone out there using either aide or tripwire on freebsd 5x?  if there's a 
way to get either of these working on 
freebsd5x, it would be nice.

thanks again
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