Alina Groulx wrote:
Hi everyone,

I've searched high and low for a download for FreeBSD source code in a form that I recognize. I'm looking for tar.gz of the source code but am not seeing it anywhere. Can someone help me or perhaps let me know how I can download off the cvs site?

Alina Groulx

All of the ftp mirrors have it in the src directory of the release or snapshot directory. This directory contains a shell script "".
Set the DESTDIR environment variable and run the shell script. The source, as it existed for that snapshot or release, will be installed in the directory specified by DESTDIR. If you want the source code for your current system, have cvsup installed and want to install the source code into /usr/src you can simply:

cvsup -h /usr/share/examples/cvsup/standard*

Jeremy Faulkner               
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