> I am running Postfix 2.0.16 on FreeBSD 5.2.1 and used the FreeBSD port
> collection to install amavisd-new. I have this entry recurring in my
> amavisd log:
> WARN: all primary virus scanners failed, considering backups
> I looked on the clamav web site and found this statement:
> clamscan is enabled automatically if clamscan binary is found at
> amavisd-new starup time. clamd is activated by uncommenting its entry
> in the @av_scanners list, file /etc/amavisd.conf.
> I see in my amavisd.conf file that the 'Clam Antivirus-clamd' entry
> under @av_scanners is commented out, should it not be?
> clamscan is what amavisd is resorting to after the Warning, is this a
> bad thing? I also found searching the web that something may not be
> configured correctly. That seeing this waring means clamav is not
> running optimally. Can anyone offer any guidance?

Ok, amavid-new is possibly configured to use clamav... but is the
security/clamav installed on your system?

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