In the last episode (Mar 09), Pat said:
> I was wondering exactly what the scope is on sa-learn.
> what i mean by this is:
> if i run sa-learn as root, does it get applied to the
> global spam-assassin ruleset or only for my user?
> do all my users need to run sa-learn on their spam/ham
> files or does it affect everyone if only I do it?

It's an either-or thing.  You can't have both a private and a public
bayes db.  By default, every user has a private bayes database, in
~/.spamassassin.  If you want them to share a common one, add something
like this to your

# Note this is a basename, not a path
bayes_path /usr/tmp/spamassassin/bayes
bayes_file_mode         0777

, which will tell spamassassin to use files in /usr/tmp/spamassassin
(or pick some other directory writable by everyone), and to create the
files so that everyone can update them.
        Dan Nelson
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