Here's a definite question from a first timer, but there are so many variations out there that I thought I'd bounce this off the list and see what people thought (if I was doing this "correctly")

I have a 4.9-RELEASE installation. It was recently pointed out to me that to get all the bug fixes and security fixes, I need to cvsup with "RELENG_4_9", not "RELENG_4_9_0_RELEASE".'s the src-supfile I am using:
*default base=/usr
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs tag=.
*default delete use-rel-suffix
*default tag=RELENG_4_9

(does the tag=. matter here?)
I run it with
cvsup -g -L 2 src-supfile
glance over /etc/make.conf
cd /usr/src
make buildworld
make buildkernel
make installkernel
reboot into single user mode with "boot -s"
mergemaster -p
make installworld
reboot into normal multiuser mode

One source I found said that they allow mergemaster to pretty much overwrite files unless it is asking about

This is an update from 4.9 release to the (hopefully) security updated version, and the system is running a generic kernel and is a pretty stock install (some ports are in place, but port updates are done separately, as I understand it)

Are there any steps or pieces of advice I'm missing here? Advice/explanations/etc. are all appreciated. Thanks!

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