On Tuesday,  9 March 2004 at 15:33:54 -0500, dave wrote:
> Hello,
>     Trying to set up FreeBSD on a mirrored raid1 root. I have followed the
> section in ch12 of "The Complete FreeBSD" added the lines to loader.conf,
> altered the disklabel, and ran fsck on /dev/vinum/root which worked fine.
> When i changed /etc/fstab from /dev/ad0s1a to /dev/vinum/root and rebooted i
> am getting the error:
> setrootbyname failed
> ffs_mountroot can not find root
> root mount failed: 6
> and then i am asked for manual root specifications. When i enter ufs:ad0s1a
> or ufs:vinum/root i get a kernel panic and the system reboots. My disklabels
> and fstab are below, any suggestions welcome.


In particular, "[iI] get a kernel panic" means nothing unless you give
more details.  You haven't even said whether you have started Vinum at
this stage.

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