On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 01:13:43PM -0800, Joshua Lokken wrote:
> * Alex de Kruijff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-03-08 14:24]:
> > On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 10:27:49PM +0100, Alex de Kruijff wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > I just changed the permission and ownership of some files and was denied
> > > 
> > > cat /etc/passwd
> > > 
> > > akruijff:*:1001:0:Alex de Kruijff:/home/akruijff:/bin/csh
> > 
> > Sorry I had to relogin instead of just creating a new screen in screen.
> > So this is a non-isue.
> > 
> A quicker fix (in csh) is to use 'rehash'.

If I am correct, then opening a new shell does the same. So I just
created a new screen (ctrl-a c) in screen (a port). I thougth that would
give me a full shell with the new values. I did try it a couple of times
before finding this very strainge. Then i mailed and then I thougth
about doeing it the hard way (closing all my screens, logout, login,
start screen again.) But it could be that i've done something.

P.S. Tanks to all who helped me.


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