On Mar 9, 2004, at 11:05 AM, Julien Gabel wrote: <snip>

For my part, it doesn't work... but "later" than you : I get an *access denied on the stats files* when launching the index.php file from my browser... certainly not too hard to fix, but I had no time fot that this week. But the difference is... I use a FreeBSD-5.X not a FreeBSD-4.X and the perl version is 5.6.1 for this installation. I let you know if I will have the time investigate this problem.

:-/ I really am a little bit too far into the configuration of the 4.9 server to update to a 5.x
server...isn't 4.9 the recommended production release from Freebsd.org?

But according to the document 'amavis-stats_freebsd.txt', the version
used is the same than yours... Maybe can you try to contact its author
for more information?

I just sent an email tonight asking if the author had run into this problem. Odd...

To me, it looks like Perl isn't finding an end-of-line (;) somewhere or isn't seeing
the script file properly formatted. Or he had another version of Perl installed, or a
module from CPAN that I don't have?... :-(

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