On Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 02:33:34AM -0500, Crucial Servers wrote:
> Hi,

> I need some advice on steps for upgrading a very valueble
> machine. This machine has an uptime of 393 days. I need to install a
> secure version of "curl" this is our main focus right now. FreeBSD
> 3.5 ports collection is very b0rked and nothing works, I tried
> downloading the cvsup source and installing it, but now it cant find
> m3build.

"Secured" version of curl?  I don't know what you mean by that, but on
a networked 3.5 system an insecure ftp/www client is the least of your
security worries!

> My main focus is getting this OS to 4.9-STABLE the SAFE way and
> "Yes" its a contracted machine so its remote. I know there is going
> to be tons of b0rked programs when I'm all said and done. Can
> someone please explain how to tackle this animal slowly, I was
> thinking 4.0 then 4.5 then 4.9.

Do you have a serial console installed?  If so, you can just do a
binary upgrade install instead of messing around trying to compile the

Make sure you do a complete system backup before you begin, of course.


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