> > use SSL for several sites. With SSL we have to define one IP per site.
> > only have one IP. Is there a way around this other than just having one
> > per SSL site? (I'd rather not do that!)
> Something I think I'm going to end up doing is running two jails:  one
> for http, one for https.  You can bind jails to local addresses (say,
>, and then use either natd or ipfw to forward different ports
> to the appropriate jail.

Is this possible though? I wonder if I can get Apache to listen and RESPOND
FOR several SSL sites on one IP, even though externally I'm mapping several
public IP's to that one IP used by the jail/Apache.

I plan on trying this later this week. Has anyone already tried this though?
If so, what was your experience.

It's a great idea if it works!

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