How about I post this again, without the typo's :-O

Hi all,

I recently had the opertunity to restore a clients mysql db as he had
removed a bunch of needed data from his shopping cart.

While the restore command worked OK I was wondering if there is a way to
command line it a bit so as not to have to answer yes when asked about the
file privledges and have to specify a '1' when asked what volume to use. (I
am used to working with tar and doing everything in a single command).

The full backup and incremental backup files I used were in a /home/backup.
The target files were of course in /usr/local/mysql/var/DBNAME

Here is the command I used:

restore -x -f /home/backup/usr.level-1_dump local/mysql/var/DBDIRNAMEHERE

Have I missed some command line options here to avoide having to answer the
perms and volume questions?


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