I am running 5.2.1 with two NIC's, both connected to a Cisco switch with
a Cisco router also connected to the switch for Internet connectivity.
There are 5 eth ports on the router, one of them with an address
assigned of and another with, the
other eth ports are the ISP connection and other one other subnet. One
port not used. On the FreeBSD host, the two NIC's are assigned with em0
as and em1 as These are the
messages I am getting over and over, note the IP's are those of the

Mar 10 10:35:49 esmtp kernel: arp: is on em0 but got
reply from 00:30:94:32:94:30 on em1
Mar 10 10:35:51 esmtp kernel: arp: is on em1 but got reply from 
00:30:94:32:94:32 on em0

I know I can do some config on the router to isolate subnet traffic to
ports, but haven't done this, yet. Is this my problem or can someone
help me understand what is going on?


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