I am installing FreeBSD 5.2.1 on an AMD 64 3000+, w/ 512Meg RAM.

Booting from CDROM with the Boot CD (pulled from the FTP site as an ISO image, burned in Win XP).

All the necessary hardware is detected without errors, I am able to get as far as partioning my drives (setup root, swap, /var, /usr) and choose to install "All" from the "Choose Distribution" screen.

The installation starts -- but the Boot CD returns an error "Unable to find a /dist/cdrom.inf file", and indicates that it is unable to continue with the install.

The Mini-install has the /dist/cdrom.inf file, but shortly after install starts I receive a "Either this is not a Free-BSD disc, there is a problem with the CDROM driver or something is wrong with the hardware. Please fix this problem (check the console logs on VTY2) and try again."

I am unable to access/eject the CD drive once these errors occur (CDROM drive goes dead). My CDROM is a Creative 52x CD5220 (occording to the Bios) and is correctly recognized by the installer.

How do I check the console logs on VTY2? (or have I obtained a bad iso set?)


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