On Wed, Mar 10, 2004, samy lancher wrote:
>Hey guys, 

>I have a FreeBSD server and windows XP workstations in our LAN network.I
>use samba to access server files from XP machines. Very soon, I will be
>having a windows XP system outside our LAN that needs access to our FreeBSD
>server. Is there any way i can access the server data from that XP system
>the same way as i do from my workstations in our LAN. As far as i know,
>samba only works with the computers in same LAN, please correct me if I am

You can configure Samba to server on different LANs, but I would
strongly suggest that you do this only over a VPN connection.
The Microsoft networking ports are frequent vectors for worms
that infect the Microsoft virus, Windows, and many responsible
ISPs block them at their border routers.  These blocks go back
about ten years to the WinNuke attacks which hit the netbios
ports 137-139.

We have customers doing this with the LinkSys VPN boxes (part number
BEFVP41), on cable and DSL connections with excellent results.

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