Mike Maltese wrote:

Have a 3com pci internal vioce modem installed in my 4.9 stable system
but don't seem to be able to activate it sould this not happen
automagically? I do not see it in the dmesg logs at all i am pretty
sure that comm ports are compiled into the kernel. How do i go about
ckecking it or troubleshooting something that does not appear to be
there i need somewhere to start please help.

This is more than likely a "winmodem", i.e. it only runs under Windows with drivers. If you want to use a modem with FreeBSD, get an external unit.

It is not a win modem it is a hardware modem and was the best one my supplier had, it cost me $120.00. Thanks for your rely but it does not help me with my problem i have had it working on several other machines just not this one yet.

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