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just a thought, but it is possible that the port updated the virus database to the possibly older version in the distfile. You may want to run freshclam and see if this clears up the issue. Hopefully thats all the problem is.

hope this helps


(my appologies if this is a duplicate, mail client freaking out)

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
I've emailed the maintainer about this a few hours ago, but wondered if
 anyone else had experienced this...

I'm running postfix with amavisd-new and clamav (clamd) to scan
incoming email from the Internet then forward it to an internal Exchange
server (a spam/virus filter server, essentially). I just finished updating to
the latest 4.9 bug fixes, and afterwards did a portupgrade of my installed

Clamav was updated to the latest version, and now clamd is missing
some viruses that it was catching before (and clamscan, I believe, can
still catch...somefool.b-petite, for example). The version is 0.67-1. It is
still reporting that it is quarantining some viruses, so I know it is
"working", but I don't know why it would have just "stopped" catching
some of the emailed viruses. Anyone else run into this problem?
Is there a new setting that I'm missing?

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