I have a pentium 200 with FreeBSD that I'll like to install a couple of
ports to, but I don't want to compile them on that machine because of
it's slow speed.  Several of the ports don't have packages available so
I have to compile them.  I've noticed that there is a make packages in
the ports Makefile, but it requires that it installs the port to be
installed first.  Worst yet, even if it's the same exact version that's
already installed, I still have to uninstall the program which is a bad
idea to have to remove a working program just to make a package that
will install it on another system.  I looked at the makefile, and I
could run it without that by hand, but that is a big annoyance.  The
other problem is that I have make.conf optimized for a pentium 4, not a
regular pentium so I have to recompile anyways.  Also, is there anyway
to easily disable or use a different file than /etc/make.conf so I don't
have to edit it when cross compiling?

The last problem is that the target system is running 5.2.1 and the host
is running 4.9, is ok or at least is there some way to still compile for
it without setting up 5.2.1 on my target system?  This is just for the
ports.  I don't mind having to install the /usr/src for 5.2.1 on the
host system, if I can just point the ports to use that for compiling,
not /usr/include and so on.
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