Robert Fitzpatrick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am running 5.2.1 with two NIC's, both connected to a Cisco switch with
> a Cisco router also connected to the switch for Internet connectivity.
> There are 5 eth ports on the router, one of them with an address
> assigned of and another with, the
> other eth ports are the ISP connection and other one other subnet. One
> port not used. On the FreeBSD host, the two NIC's are assigned with em0
> as and em1 as These are the
> messages I am getting over and over, note the IP's are those of the
> router:
> Mar 10 10:35:49 esmtp kernel: arp: is on em0 but got
> reply from 00:30:94:32:94:30 on em1
> Mar 10 10:35:51 esmtp kernel: arp: is on em1 but got reply from 
> 00:30:94:32:94:32 on em0

It sounds like those NICs are hooked up to the same wire, 
which doesn't make sense...
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