it's on sparc64, when openprompt attempts to load the bootloader, then
nothing comes up. so basically the bootloader doesn't start at all, but in
some occasions, the bootloader would magically load(most of the time

the only way to access to the machine for me is via ssh. the machine is
still on, it's just that i cannot be rebooted ever, otherwise i will lose
control to it. so i gotta fix it before any reboot occurs

On 11 Mar 2004, Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> "C.L. Lai [ALAN]" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > my boot loader is corrupted during improper shutdown, is there anyway i
> > can fix it w/o having local access to the machine?
> Which stage of the boot loader?
> [How far does it get?]
> Do you have a serial console?  
> [If not, then obviously you'll need physical access to change anything.]

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