I've got the following message appearing in my maillog over and over:

maillog:4050:Mar 11 16:54:04 server postfix/smtp[7103]: D892D434C: to=<[EMAIL 
PROTECTED]>, relay=none, delay=255114, status=deferred (connect to 
example.com[]: Operation timed out)

I can't seem to find where in the config file (amavisd.conf) it is specified. I've set 
the $mydomain variable and my notification reports in the same config file are as 

# whom notification reports are sent from (ENVELOPE SENDER);
# may be a null reverse path, or a fully qualified address:
#   (admin and recip sender addresses default to $mailfrom
#   for compatibility, which in turn defaults to undef (empty) )
#   If using strings in double quotes, don't forget to quote @, i.e. \@
$mailfrom_notify_admin     = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
$mailfrom_notify_recip     = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
$mailfrom_notify_spamadmin = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";

I don't know where theis action is originating from.
Any info will be much appreciated.

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