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> Thank you for all the responces, as recomended i will probably try to
> get ahold of a usb floppy or cdrom and try that, but I wanted to know if
> anyone knew anything about setting up a tftp server on this linux box to
> load the installer.  Like many laptops the bios has a boot on lan option
> and I guess I wanted to see how hard it would be to use that feature to
> load an installer.  However i assume it's not as easy as just directing
> the tftp server to a floppy disc image.

I have done a pxe boot over the network before and have succefully
gotten linux to load using a tftp server.  This could easily be done
with a linux install program too, but I've never gotten around to doing
this in freebsd before, but I'm certain it's possible.  Though, getting
the pxe boot to work right did take some effort.

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