In late Janury,  Herren Georg-W. Koltermann and Martin Cracauer were 
     discussing howto get the java runtime plugin working with linux-mozilla.
     I've already figured out how to get the flashplugin6, realplayer, and 
     other plugins installed with linux-mozilla-1.5.  Here is the part with  
     the jre.
(Notes from my ~/.howto file)
// Getting java applets to work with linux-mozilla-1.5
// GET  libgcc_so.1 from <wherever>.  (I scp'd it from my RH box into  /tmp)
// Then as root:
 # mv /tmp/ /usr/compat/linux/lib
// check file just to be sure:
  # cd /usr/compat/linux/lib  
  # file ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), not 
// Next, symlink the linux-sun java runtime plugin (ns610-gcc3*) into the
// linux-mozilla/plugins directory: 
 # ln -s 
 # ls /usr/local/lib/linux-mozilla/plugins

     Hope this saves others some time.


   Gary Kline     [EMAIL PROTECTED]     Public service Unix

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