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Gary W. Swearingen wrote:

| Henrik W Lund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
|> Well, it generated output allright. Nothing that makes sense
|> (unless I sit down and learn an entire programming language,
|> which seems huge and cryptic, by the way), though. Here it is:
|> Signaling: (invalid-regexp "Invalid syntax designator") ~
|> signal(invalid-regexp ("invalid syntax designator")) ~
|> byte-code("..." [kill-buffer buf signal data] 3) ~
|> find-file-noselect("/usr/home/henrik/devel/sdl/lesson1/tutorial1.cpp")
| Some of that makes sense.  It's just showing your a list of
| functions which had been called by other fuctions when it bailed
| out.  It was obviously "find"ing your .cpp file, but that function
| then seems to be interpreting some "compiled" elisp, probably to
| process the C++ syntax with colors or whatever, and choked on some
| syntax it was not (due to its own bug?) not able to handle so it
| signaled an error with the error msg above in quotes.  Now that I
| think of it, I once had a similar error where something couldn't
| handle my HTML.  I never determined what was wrong, but changing
| the HTML "fixed" the problem. You could try messing with your .cpp
| file, or try to find a better fix by posting the "trace" to one of
| the emacs newsgroups.  I'm not sure, but you might get a better
| trace (with several other function calls replacing the "byte-code"
| thing, if you try to get your emacs to use
| /usr/local/lib/xemacs-21.4.14/lisp/files.el rather than
| /usr/local/lib/xemacs-21.4.14/lisp/files.elc eg, by renaming the
| latter temporarily to files.elc.xxx.  Assuming that you're trying
| to track down the .el file (called indirectly from
| find-file-noselect) which analyzes the C++ code.
| I give up.

The solution:

pkg_deinstall xemacs\*
portinstall xemacs


For some reason, it decided to work this time around. Go figure.

Anyways, thanks! I did learn some lisp, so I guess XEmacs is all right
after all. ;-)

- -Henrik W Lund
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