joshua lokken wrote:

Hello all,

I am working on becoming familiar with FreeBSD 5.x after using 4.x for the past few years.
The machine in question is a web and mail server; I originally installed 5.1 from the mini iso,
then upgraded to RELENG_5_2 last weekend. The upgrade went without problems, as it
always has...and i did not change anything in Exim's configuration, but now

Exim no longer starts on system startup. In /etc/rc.conf, I have:


And the lines in /etc/mail/mailer.conf are changed from sendmail to exim binary paths.


ls /var/spool/clientmqueue shows messages in form: qfi2FB8SYT048073 ls /var/spool/exim/msglog shows messages in form: 1B11Vc-0000cm-S4

So, I'm wondering,

a) what went wrong during the upgrade?

Can't say for sure. It's looks a lot like sendmail is handling your incoming SMTP, though; that's sendmail's message ID type you've listed there.

It might be wise to instruct FBSD not build sendmail
at all; IIRC (but do some checking) that would be
NO_SENDMAIL="true" (I mean, really do some checking...)
in /etc/make.conf

b) how do I get my messages into the appropriate spool / delivered?

Have you tried starting Exim? I guess that is where the error messages are coming from...

What does the Exim FAQ say?

Thanks, and until I get this sorted out, please cc me, as my list address mail is.....

Joshua Lokken

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