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Subject: ftp

> in my system I have installed the anonymous ftp and I have a fat32
> partition mounted in /fat32
>  I need put the content of these partition on the pub directorie
> something like these
>   ftp://mymachine/pub/fat32/  and see the content of these partition via
> ftp .. Symbolic link does not work
>  what should I do...

Anon ftp uses a chroot environment so you can't link to any directory that's
not within it's chroot. One possiblity is to mount /fat32 within the ftp
users home/root directory. Another one, that isn't heard of much is to
mount_null /fat32 into the ftp chroot file system. Please keep in mind that
null mounting, last I heard,  should be treated as experimental at best. For
more info on null mounting, check out man mount_null.


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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