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> Hello,
> Thanks for your response.
> I dont think they are totally unrelated, because when
> i try to install XFree86-4 and that particular library
> it gets the error messages stated below (one to stdout
> and the other to dmesg). All other port installations
> work fine. (Before and after the XFree86-4 install)
> I orginally thought it was a hardware problem as well.
> but to have it fail on two disks with the same sort of
> error? that is highly unlikely, and installing
> 4.8-RELEASE yeilds no errors. fsck doesn't produce any
> errors either. 
> And i dont think it is a ports problem
> because XFree86-4.3.0,1 works on 4.8-RELEASE.  So this
> has left me thinking its either a bios thingy or
> something in 4.9-RELEASE kernel that doesn't like my
> laptop.

This happen when an error is detected by the disk driver. This can be
caused by hardware failure or incompatibility, or a driver bug. You get
a vm_fault if the kernel is trying to page in a block of memory for a
process but it can't.  You probably get this instead of a regular read
error because AFAIR  cp and install uses mmap() on files smaller than 8

Since you changed the HDD it's probably a driver bug.

However I would be curios if you get the always the same fsbn xxxx
numbers. I would be very strange. Stage also is that it's failing on the
same file.
> or maybe i jump to too many conculsions?
> Hence why i would like some advice on how to trouble
> shoot this.

Aside from posting this + boot -v on mobile, I don't know.

> This is the post from yesterday with the main error
> msg:

missed that, sorry.

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD user

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