I recently upgraded from 5.1.release to 5.2.1 release, everything went
fine except for 2 things.

The cdplayer that comes with Gnome is broken, when I open it it says
"Drive Error".  So, I installed XCDplayer 2.20 from ports, it installed.
However, when I open it and insert a new audio cd, it says "No Disk".  I
have a new Plextor PX-708A internal ATAPI DVD+RW.  I know the drive works,
I can watch and burn DVDs, and I can even rip audio tracks off of a CD,
but I cannot play an audio cd.  Any ideas what caused this or how to
troubleshoot it?

Also, I upgraded from Mozilla 1.5 to 1.6 and in doing so corrupted my
fonts in the browser.  Now the fonts are really big and jagged, changing
them in the preferences does not help.  Do I need to rebuild the fonts, if
so how?

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